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Carbon Steel Horizontal High Flow Self Cleaning Filter

제품 상세 정보:
원래 장소: 광동, 중국 (본토)
브랜드 이름: HJ
인증: ISO 9001,ISO18001,ISO14001,CE
모델 번호: 주문 제작됩니다
결제 및 배송 조건:
최소 주문 수량: 1개 단위/단위
가격: Negotiable
포장 세부 사항: 판지 또는 나무로 되는 케이스
배달 시간: 지불 뒤에 있는 7-10days는 도달했습니다
지불 조건: L/C (신용장), 인수 인도, D/P (지급도 조건), 전신환, 웨스턴 유니온, 머니그램
공급 능력: 년 당 1000 세트
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상세 정보

재료: 탄소강 기능: 물 여과
생산력: 10000T 설치: 편리한
전압: 220/380V 성능: 고효율 여과
하이 라이트:

4000m/h Self Cleaning Filter


ISO14001 Self Cleaning Filter

제품 설명

Carbon Steel Horizontal High-Flow Self-Cleaning Filter

Horizontal self-cleaning filter, control mode can choose pressure difference, time, manual and PLC control

When water enters the filter cartridge from the water inlet, the impurities are intercepted on the inner wall of the filter cartridge, and the filtered clean water flows out from the outlet. When the impurities on the inner wall of the filter cartridge accumulate, the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the self-cleaning filter When the preset value is reached or the cleaning time is reached or the manual prefabrication is reached, the self-cleaning process will start. The whole process consists of two steps: opening the automatic drain valve on the self-cleaning filter; the motor drives the cleaning brush in the filter screen of the self-cleaning filter, The impurities intercepted by the filter are discharged from the drain valve, and the system continues to flow during cleaning. The entire operation process of the self-cleaning filter is controlled by an intelligent control box equipped with it.



Scope of application


1.Industrial filtration applications
Cooling water filtration; protection of sprinklers; tertiary treatment of sewage; municipal water reuse; workshop water; R. O. Filter before the system;
Pickling; papermaking white water filtration; injection molding machine; pasteurization system; vacuum pump system; air compressor system; continuous casting system; water treatment application;
Cooling and heating water system.


2.Irrigation filtration application
Groundwater; municipal water; rivers, lakes, sea water; orchards; nurseries; greenhouses; golf courses; parks.



■The maximum filtration flow of a single unit can reach 4000m/h
■Filtration accuracy ranges from 4000 microns to 20 microns
■The filter screen can be drilled (4000-800μm), wedge-shaped (1000-50μm) braided composite (800-20μm)
■Minimum working pressure≥0.1MPa
■Maximum working pressure≤1.6MPa (special can be customized)
■Working temperature≤95℃
■Power supply: 380V/50Hz
■Cleaning motor power: 0.09-1.5KW
■Control voltage: AC24V
■Cleaning method: brush type
■Control mode: differential pressure, time, manual and PLC
■Cleaning time: 10-200 seconds adjustable
■Control mode: differential pressure, time, manual and PLC
■Installation form: vertical installation or horizontal installation is possible, and multiple units can be connected in parallel to obtain greater flow


Carbon Steel Horizontal High Flow Self Cleaning Filter 0

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